The Prime Premises

Prime Premise Consulting

Solving problems by getting to their core; finding and repairing hidden disruptions.

Prime Premise #1: Goals

Those who have goals, have a better chance of reaching them.

Prime Premise #2:  Motivations

When behavior isn’t conducive to desired outcomes, examine people’s motivations.

Prime Premise #3: Action

Economic value resides with action. Unless you are acting as an analyst, your role is action.

Prime Premise #4: Imperfect Information

Information is never perfect, we never have complete information and attempting to get complete and perfect information is a waste of time.

Prime Premise #5: Preparation

The best decisions are made when we are prepared to make them. Opportunities are found when we are prepared to find them. If you’re prepared for a crisis, it may be an opportunity.

Prime Premise #6: Temporary

Everything we do and life itself is temporary. We can plan for long-term, but even long term things are temporary. Everything, except basic wisdom is temporary.

Prime Premise #7: Few and simple rules

The best run organizations aren’t the ones that have the most complex rules, that take into consideration all of the possible exceptions and differences, they are the ones that have the simplest rules, where each person can thrive and contribute the most based on their talents and abilities.

Prime Premise #8: Morality

Morality is a most important thing to guide us in our decisions and our lives. Nothing worth doing requires violating basic moral rules.

Prime Premise #9: Priorities

In addition to our goals, there are many important things. Vigilance about the order of importance is essential.


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